Part Solutions supplies precision ground formed tray punches for tray and cup sealing equipment. We have standard material sizes in stock so orders can be completed quickly if necessary. In many cases, our tooth profile is superior to others which increases performance. We supply knives for OEM's such as: Haug, Ilpra, Koch, Maptech, Multivac, Oric, Packline, Ross, Worldcup and more.

Part Solutions provides precision ground circular processing and slicing blades for several manufacturers of food processing equipment. All blades are made to OEM tolerance and we supply knives for OEM’s such as: Arenco, Baader, Backus, Bepex, Bridge, Cantrell, Dapec, Food Craft, Globe Machine, Johnson Food Equipment, Linco, and more.

Part Solutions supplies a wide variety of packaging cut off knives for vertical form fill and seal machines, shrink wrappers, vacuum packagers and automatic tapers. All knives are manufactured to OEM specifications and we supply knives for machines such as: Bosch, CFS, Cryovac, Eagle, Fresco, Hayssen, Ilapak, Ishida, Key-Pak, Mahaffy & Harder, Matrix, Multivac, Pacmac, Rovema, Sandiacre, Triangle, Woodman and more.

Some of the items we keep in stock are:

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BRef 8101206760 Bosch knife

BRef 8101207135 Bosch knife

BRef 8101207637 Bosch knife

BRef 8101851322 Bosch knife

BRef 8101864558 Bosch knife

BRef 8110118542 Bosch knife

BRef 8110127262 Bosch knife

CFS Ref 2002850639 CFS knife

CRef 2045B855001 Cryovac knife

CRef 2070A-8550 Cryovac knife

HRef 10137A0405 Hayssen knife

HRef 10137A0430 Hayssen knife

HRef 10137A0437 Hayssen knife

HRef 10137A0456 Hayssen knife

IRef 2460701340 Ilapak knife

IRef 2460701341 Ilapak knife

IRef DF07553010 Illapak knife

MRef 15144 Matrix knife

MRef 17784 Matrix knife

MRef 40803 Matrix knife

MRef 64455 Matrix knife

PRef 9202-0009 Pacmac knife

SRef 350G-2201 Sandiacre knife

SRef 350G-2611 Sandicare knife

SRef 350G-2611S2 Sandiacre knife

SRef 350G-2632 Sandicare knife

SRef 350G-4981S5 Sandicare knife

TRef A12779 Triangle knife

TRef A23040 Triangle knife

TRef A38349 Triangle knife

TRef A71418 Triangle knife

TRef A83135 Triangle knife

TRef A90103 Triangle knife

TRef A67038 Triangle knife

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